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Residential Training

We understand that your time is of great value. Unlike children that usually go to school for their education, dogs rely entirely on their owners. At ProPups we can take away some of this resposibility and develop a customised socialisation and training program for you and your puppy. 


The KENNEL-FREE residential training can be booked on a daily basis, but our recommandation is 3 to 6 week stays for optimum success (minimum stay 2 weeks).Your dog will be trained in real life environments so that he learns to behave everywhere, not just in the training hall. 

The owner will receive a handover training session to ensure consistent results as well as two 1-2-1 sessions after the stay.

This has been proven to be the best and most efficient way to train any puppy.


Recommended lengths of stay:

Our length of stay recommendation is based on how reliable you'd like the training to be once your dog returns home.​

The length of the stay may vary with behavioural issues.

Two to Three Weeks


Your dog will learn all of the commands from our syllabus at a basic level. This length of stay is ideal if you'd like a good solid foundation in place. Commands include: Sit, down, down from a distance, recall, lead walking, heelwork, leave it, stay, doorway manners, food bowl manners, meeting people without jumping, toilet training etc. Proofing around distraction will begin but not proofed extensively. Dogs under 6 months will be more reliable during this length of stay than older dogs that are likely to require more time to create good habits.

All training is tailored to the owners needs and the individual dog.


Three to Four Weeks


Your dog will start to learn how to respond more reliably to all of the commands when off the lead and around distractions such as other dogs and people.  This length of stay is ideal if you'd like us to do the hard part of distraction proofing and teaching your dog to ignore distractions.  All of the commands from a 2 to 3 week stay are covered, as well as send to bed, stay with distractions, off lead heelwork, recall from dogs, lead walking past dogs, distance control around distractions and more.​

All training is tailored to the owners needs and the individual dog.


Four Weeks Plus


Stays over 4 weeks are also recommended for the best level of reliability, but this can also be achieved via 'top up stays' throughout the year or whenever you go on holiday.​

All training is tailored to the owners needs and the individual dog.


At the end of every stay it is time for the Owner training. 

You and your family will receive essential training at the end of your dogs stay. We will provide one to one coaching to ensure that your dog learns to respond to you once home.  First, your instructor will demonstrate everything that your dog has learnt, then they'll go through each exercise step by step to make sure you can get the same results. Two follow up lessons are provided free of charge, should you need extra help. You'll also receive a handover manual and video to reference back to in case you forget anything. Your instructor will be on hand for free advice via email and phone for up to 12 months after.


Your puppy will be in a kennel-free environment with one of the trainers. 


*To watch some videos of our recent residential stay clients please click here *


We only have 4 spots available to ensure maximum quality!

Transport to and from our location from all over the UK can be arranged!

Price for 1 week (7 nights) £600

For further questions and advice, please contact us.


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