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Testimonials From our clients

Kathryin with Ramakin

I would highly recommend pro pups for all your training needs. Both Lisa and Tamara are highly qualified and experienced trainers in all aspects of dog training. I find them very approachable and and full of interesting ideas on training methods. Both are very caring and respectful towards the dogs and their owners who attend class and they show a passion and drive for what they do. Go Pro pups!

Jude with Myff

We've trained with ProPups for 6 months, since our exuberant Welsh Terrier was 15 weeks. 
Classes are great fun (small sized and for all the family) and are based on real life situations so you get to practice and see results from the start. 
Charity walks help your dog be sociable - off lead and on. Lisa and Tamara provide valuable 'on the spot' advice whatever the distraction which builds your confidence, whilst also raising money for a great cause.
A 1-2-1 recall lesson in our own area working on the issues we faced made huge sense when we were taught the Terrier perspective. We got more out of this than her. Putting it into practice is scary (especially when it got as far as 'run away from her and don't look back') but it works!
Boarding with ProPups when you've trained with them is a great weight off. They're happy (and keep learning) in a home environment.

Lisa and Tamara have taught our family lots about training and responsible ownership - KC Good citizen here we come! (Oh and their Christmas parties rock!!)
 The Santos'

TIm with Sancho

Sancho (our 15 wk old schnoodle) had an absolute blast on holiday with the ProPups family, and came back with lots of new skills even after just four days - throughout which we were sent regular picture and video updates to reassure us of how well he was doing. The classes are fun, and productive, for all of us - cannot recommend these guys highly enough!

Cerys with Rari​

I Started puppy training classes with my 6 month old Yorkshire Terrier (Rari). He fitted in straight away and loved being around all the other dogs. Lisa and Tamara were very helpful in training Rari. I also enjoyed being a part of the classes and being involved with Rari's development. I also signed him up for the residential training they offered. He went and stayed there for one week and when he came back he was like a different dog. He was very well behaved, had learned a number of commands and just an all round calmer personality. This was just what I wanted. Would highly recommend!Thanks Lisa & Tamara! 

Jane with Buddy

I'd really recommend ProPups . Lisa and Tamara are very knowledgable about all things dog and have great tips. They are lovely friendly ladies and I have learnt a great deal.

Elin with Dewi and Lili

Propups looked after our two two year old labs for a week and concentrated on walking on the lead. We received regular videos of their stay and it was clear they were having great fun and were well looked after. Their walking on the lead is now brilliant. Our 7 year old daughter can now walk one of them with ease. Thanks Lisa.

Tina with Poppy

My Beagle, Poppy completed the residential training with Lisa last week. It was lovely to get updated with picture and videos all week so I could see her progression. 
Poppy went to training to work on her recall and to stop her barking around new dogs as she got anxious. 
When we picked her up Monday, waking her was a dream. Knowing we can now trust her off lead and before we would never have dreamed off doing that. We can now call her out of barking at other dogs with ease, it still needs work but we will be taking advantage of one to one sessions with Propups until the problem has ceased. 
I could tell Poppy loved staying with Lisa as she looked happy and content during the week and when we picked her up. She also became very good friend with Lisa's other dogs which is a big deal for Poppy. 
Lisa worked miracles last week with Poppy and I couldn´t be more grateful!

Joanne with Bella

Amazing training and trainers with SO much knowledge. Really has given me the confidence and skills to put into practise with my 1 year old very high energy dog Bella, she loves the trainig sessions and she loves the fish cakes! 

Debbie with Bow

Great trainers and love the lessons! So much fun!

Maddi with Todd

We've used ProPups since we got our puppy Todd in November. They have been amazing! They are on hand any time we need and Todd's at his happiest any time we see them! I can't recommend them enough! He is turning into such a wonderful dog and they've played a huge part in that!

Linda and Stan

Stan and I enrolled for recall training on a Saturday. Lisa and Tamara were really good, lots of good advice and support. Stan has come on lots, as have I! Thanks both

Claire with daisy​

I started Daisy at puppy training class with Tamara and Lisa and she was such a nervous puppy at first she wouldn't move and just sat by the door, but after just 1 week I could see a massive difference and by the end of the 6 weeks her confidence was amazing! Daisy now has regular overnight stays every fortnight at their home, I was so worried at first as she's my tiny baby but she absolutely loves it there and goes crazy with excitement as soon as she sees them, I have no worries at all, and I get pics and videos to show me just how much fun she's having, she's a different dog now so much confidence. Thank you so much ladies!

Debbie with Bow

Great trainers and love the lessons! So much fun!

REbecca Stranney - Local Dog Walker

As a local professional dog walker I was extremely impressed when I passed Pro Pups the other day. We both had a mixture of on-lead and off-lead dogs and they recalled their dogs immediately and effectively until we had communicated that it was ok to all pass. All too often people miss the signal that if a dog is onlead, it may not appreciate or react well to strange, off-lead dogs approached. They were keeping their clients dogs safe and giving me the curtesy of space with my dogs. Good on you!

Angela with Barney and Bailey

Would like to say a big big thank you to Tamara for showing and giving us advise on how to stop our two loveable but excitable pups Barney and Bailey from pulling on their leads when going out for walks. The new leads you've shown us work wonders!

Richard with BO

Great recall session with our spaniel. Bo today courtesy of Lisa. Looking forward to putting our new found knowledge into practice. Lisa is very knowledgeable, patient and helpful. Learnt loads about unpicking problems we had unwittingly compounded and would highly recommend Pro Pups training sessions to help proof recall and eliminate any problems you might be having.

Emma and Scamp​

Scamp is really enjoying scent work/tracking, and Lisa is full of great advice to help with all sorts of training! 

Neil with Fudge

Lisa and Tamara are such a caring dog trainers with a wealth of knowledge. It's no surprise that the results are so amazing. Just watch the videos and see what a fantastic job they do.
I would highly recommend ProPups. 

Ian with Rosie

Highly recommended - very professional classes, both Lisa and Tamara are clearly very knowledgable about dogs and dog training and have really taken the time to get to know the "areas for improvement" with my dog! Very encouraging and friendly.

Maggie with Lucy

If you need some help and guidance for your treasured puppy I suggest you look no further than ProPups - Lisa and Tamara. They are amazing!

My 8 month Bichon Frise Lucy  is a bundle of fun,I love her to bits BUT we both needed some help, after a home visit I signed Lucy up for a two week residential course, from the photos and videos it was clear Lucy was enjoying herself and was having a fun time. When she came home she was/is still a bundle of fun, but also, Lucy now responds to a whole host of "commands" it's a pleasure to take her out. Lucy goes twice a week to puppy day care plus they take her for long walks mid week. I have total trust in Lisa and Tamara, Lucy loves them and they continue to give us all the help and support we need!

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