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Who are we?

Tamara Chamberlain


and the gang!

Ever since I can remember I have been obsessed with all animals, but in particular, dogs. I knew growing up I wanted to work with dogs. I had memorised every dog breed by the age of six and had read every dog based book I could get my hands on very early on. Growing up we had family labradors and Jack Russells as well as a German Shepherd cross and I basically set up a small animal rescue, taking in unwanted or injured rabbits and guinea pigs, helping them back to full health and rehoming them. I started working at a local groomers at the age of 14 and worked there for two years and then worked at a local boarding kennels. I helped out at training classes from the age of 16, and attended agility classes with my own dog. I went on to complete a BSc Animal Science (behaviour and welfare) and focused my dissertation on the effect of rearing environment on the behaviour of puppies. This research was published by the universities journal and was also awarded the UFAW prize for the best welfare based project. I was also awarded a first class BSc (hons). I started teaching classes 11 years ago in Cornwall, for a dog training club that I attended with my own dogs and achieved a gold level Kennel Club Good Citizens award with my Jack Russell/ Dachshund cross, Beau. I then worked for breeder full time for a year training puppies the foundations of obedience and assistance work. This helped me streamline my puppy training techniques and I trained hundreds of puppies during this period to a high standard. I therefore have a strong background of both practical and theoretical knowledge and still keep up to date with the latest CPD in the field, attending lectures from world renowned behaviourists and trainers, constantly reviewing my methods and adjusting them.

ProPups was then set up in 2016 and we have built a great reputation and don't do ANY advertisement as most of our clientele comes from recommendations from our lovely customers! We really should but marketing and IT are just not my thing! Now, I absolutely love sharing my experience with clients, helping them to navigate puppyhood and adolescence as smoothly as possible. I also love actually doing the training myself (dog training is predominately teaching people how to train dogs). Therefore I offer residential training to help fast track training and assist partnerships in reaching their potential. They say the proof is in the pudding and I love getting the chance to put in some really solid foundations with dogs as they live with me and my ever-growing pack!

I also foster- sometimes with Barneys Small breed rescue and sometimes I take owner relinquishments directly. The dogs I take in are almost always on their last chance due to biting people but we have a good success rate. I have to date fostered 24 dogs and currently have a foster French bulldog (that I can't see going anywhere soon!)

I currently share my life with a Labrador, a Standard Poodle, Wire Fox Terrier, Pomeranian, Dalmatian, Bloodhound and a blind a deaf lurcher. There is always a foster or two in the mix because I strongly feel that people such as myself should be there to help the dogs that really need an experienced hand to give them another chance. Below are some of the dogs I have fostered over the past couple of years.

Archie was taken to the vets to be euthanised by his owner that had been badly bitten when she went to removed a stick from his mouth. The vet thankfully refused and he came to me for training. He learnt to drop/ leave it in one session and is the happiest, most loving little dog you will ever meet. He won 'friendliest dog' at a fun dog show during his stay with me and I nearly didn't let him go, but he was offered a fantastic home in Cornwall with a close friend and animal physiotherapist.

Bobby was also taken to the vets to be euthanised but again the vet advised that he should be given another chance. He snapped at a child on two occasions, both of which it seems could have been avoided with better management. He was the easiest foster we have had, and an absolute joy to have around. He was rehomed to an experienced collie home without children and they are totally in love. 

Twiggy (aka Mole) was bought into Barney Small Breed Rescue with about 9 others due to a marriage break down. She was very nervous as she had never left the farm in which she was born, however, with some TLC she is the most loving and affectionate girl that was rehomed by a friend, so I get to see her often.

Lexie was bought into Barneys as her owners working hours meant that she was left alone for far too long. She came with severe separation anxiety and could open doors and gates to try and find me. She settled and now has a fantastic home with someone that is just as obsessed with her as she is with them, and she is never left alone.

Little Luna was bought to Barneys as a none of the larger rescues would take her as she had a history of snapping at a toddler. She was due to be euthanised. She came to me very scared and it took a few days to gain her trust. Once bonded, she was very affectionate and loving and a true diva. She has found a loving home with three other chihuahuas now with loving a patient owners.

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