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Residential Training

Henry - Residential Training

Henry the Havanese came to us at 4 months old for residential training to learn some new skills, such as;

-Settling in a crate at night
-Basic obedience
-Off lead control
-Manners greeting people/ around food
-Loose lead walking

Paddy - Residential Training

Paddy, the 17-week old Cavachon, joined us for the residential training programme to learn more real-life skills. 

Not only has he learned a lot of new cues, he can do all of them in different high-distractive environments such as a café!

Check out this little superstar!

Dexter - Residential Training

Dexter is a 22-month old Doberman. He joined our residential programme because he didn´t quite understand the concept of loose-lead walking, especially when there were other dogs or distractions around!

Check out this video with a BEFORE and AFTER.

Millie - Residential Training

Walter - Residential Training

Toby - Residential Training

Toby the Labrador stayed with us for residential training to learn basic cues, proof them around distractions and more life skills. Check out his video!

Walter, a Cocker Spaniel, came to us for residential training because he was showing obsessive behaviours, chasing cars/bikes, pulling on the lead, and his recall was very selective. Not only did we solve his "problems", he even has the "emergency stop" down in any environment. 

Poppy - Residential Training

Milli - 1 week residential training

Milli, the Schnoodle, came to us for residential training, because she was quite insecure around other dogs and wasn´t sure how to approach dogs when she was on- and off the lead. She was barking at new dogs approaching her or just walking passed. She lunged and barked at birds. We also worked on her recall around distractions while her stay with us.

Bertie - 2 week residential training

Bertie, the 12 month old Cocker Spaniel, came to us for two weeks of residential training. The priorities were loose lead walking, learning to settle at home and teaching him to drop things.

Obi - 1 week residential training

Obi, the 12-week old German Shepherd, was with us to learn some basic commands, but also to add some life skils.

Check out how he got on during his residential stay with us.

Trained puppies are happy puppies!

Teddy - 2 weeks residential training

Teddy, the 6 month old Lhasa Apso, came to us to learn some basic obedience skills as well as advanced skills, such as an emergency stop! Check out how well Teddy came along!

Lucy - 2 weeks residential training

Look how well Lucy, the Bichon Frise, got on with two weeks residential training! Her owner wanted help with housetraining, jumping up (especially at children), recall, loose-lead walking and learning to be left alone for short periods. Contact us for enquiries

Rari - 1 week residential training

Need help training your pup? We can help! Rari the 6 month old Yorkshire Terrier came to us for a one week residential stay. Contact us for a custom training package! 

Echo and Delilah - 4 weeks residential training

Echo and Delilah are two Old English Sheepdogs that are sisters.
They came to us at the age of 1 for a 4-week residential training package. The owners were unable to walk either on or off the lead due to a non-exisiting recall, they had no manners and were not toilet trained. Due to not being walked, they weren´t well socialised and had to learn some real-life skills. Check out their transformation!

Poppy, the 2-year old Beagle, came to us for residential training because she was very nervous around other dogs. She barked a lot at them, it didn´t matter if she was on or off the lead. She also struggled with her recall around distractions and loose-lead walking.

We helped her feel more comfortable around other dogs and to learn, that coming back can be very rewarding!

Fizz - 2 week residential training

Fizz, 5-month old Whippet x Greyhound, came to us for a two week residential stay. Her owners said that it was nearly impossible to walk her on- or off the lead before her stay with us. We worked on her recall, loose lead walking, life-skills, as well as general manners.

On her first day back home, Fizz won 1st place at a dog show and her owners were very proud!

Archie - 1 week residential training

Archie is a 11-month old Labrador x Cocker Spaniel. Archie was with us to improve his lead-walking, jumping up on people in and out of the house. He was a little scavenger and his recall was very selective. 
Watch the video to see how Archie´s behaviour improved!

Maisie - 1 week residential training

Maisie stayed with us for one week to teach her the basic commands on and off lead. We also set her up with some real-life skills! Check out the video and see for yourself! 

Sancho Panza - 2 weeks residential training

Sancho learned how to sit, down, stay, wait and recall, loose lead walking in different environments, off lead walking/heeling in different environments, ´leave it´ , road manners and much more.

What a smart little man! Contact us for residential Training here

Freddie - 6 days residential training

6 day residential stay - Freddie the 2 year old Miniture Schnauzer

Improving his basic obedience skills!

Bailey - 1 week residential training

Want to know what your pup can learn in one week? Take a look at Bailey the three-month-old Labradoodle's stay!

Her owner wanted her to work on house training and crate training in particular. She also learnt to sit, lie down, stay, walk to heel off lead and to recall away from distractions. Contact us to get your puppy the best start 

Sennen - 1 week residential training

Sennen, a 8-month old Border Collie, that is full of energy and very smart. She was chasing cars and pulling on the lead excessively, to the point where the owners really struggeled to walk her and didn´t enjoy walks anymore. Sennen also had trouble with knowing where to go to the toilet and how to let everyone know she had to go. 

If you experience simliar problems, we can help with residential training!

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