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Puppy & Dog Training- Cardiff & South Wales

"It's a tragic lost opportunity to delay taking a dog to class till he's an adolescent. Puppy classes are the way of the future."

- Jean Donaldson

At ProPups, we really are the experts in puppy training. We have a vast amount of practical and theoretical experience which has helped us fine tune and fast-track training dogs, helping you to train your dog in the kindest, fastest and most effective way we know exists.  Our head trainer, Tamara, has worked with dogs for 19 years and taught classes for 12 years in addition to studying a BSc (hons) Animal Science, Behaviour and Welfare. She also trained assistance dog puppies for two years and has fostered 25 dogs (so far) gaining invaluable skills AS WELL as having trained hundreds of dogs through ProPup's residential training programme over the past six years. 

We often get told 'you make it look so easy!' and 'it makes so much sense when you explain it like that'. This is how it should be! It isn't complicated and due to our experience we can help relay the information you need in a succinct and clear way. We help owners understand the 'whys' so that the 'hows' become obvious! Dog training and behaviour is our passion and helping you and your dog have the happiest lives possible is truly our life purpose. The more dog parents that know how to easily communicate with their dogs, the fewer dogs in rescue centres. It's that simple. Let us show you how!

We offer;

  • 1-2-1 training sessions, in which we help you work on specific behaviours you want help with

  • Group classes

  • Workshops- one off group class focussing on a particular behaviour

  • Behavioural 


Unsure of the best training plan for you?

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   We are...


BSc Animal Behaviour & Welfare Qualified

Fully Insured

10+ Years Experience

K9 First Aid Certified

DBS (CRB) Checked


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