We offer quality programmes, fitted to suit the needs of the two- and fourlegged. If it is for a walk with your favourite group accompanied by a trainer, obedience classes, or residential puppy training. Everything is based on fun, positive communication in a relaxed atmosphere.

We are qualified and licensed, DBS (CRB) checked and fully insured, as well as K9 First Aid certified.

Our facilites for puppy, obedience and child handler classes, are wheel chair friendly.

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Why do I need to educate my puppy?

Dogs are intelligent, sociable animals that can adapt readily to living with a human family. However, the early days are crucial to ensure your puppy receives plenty of socialisation and learns basic commands to ensure he/she will be able to cope with modern day dog life and you will be able to control him/her. Unlike children that usually go to school for their education, dogs rely entirely on their owners. In canine development, there is a 'critical socialisation' period that ends at around sixteen weeks. During this time, puppies should be exposed to as many different environments, people, animals and stimuli as possible, in a controlled and positive way, to ensure that he/she is able to cope and behave appropriately in later life. This is not to say that training cannot be achieved after this period, however, anything which puppies have not encountered during this time will not be included in the puppies range of 'normal', and they are more likely to develop a fearful or undesirable reaction. At ProPups, we can take away some of this responsibility and develop a customised socialisation programme for you and your puppy, to ensure that he/she is given the best possible start if you think that you may lack the time or experience, just as you would send your children to school. We offer a structured socialisation and training plan using our specialised experience and education. We are happy to create a personal programme for any specific environments which you may require your puppy to cope with- travelling on a train for example.