Recall Training Sessions

One of the most enjoyable parts of sharing our lives with dogs is being able to watch them run free. Indeed, it is a great way for them to burn off excess energy! Unfortunately sometimes this is not possible if the dog has an unreliable or non-existent recall. At ProPups we provide recall sessions in a real life environment to help you gain a reliable recall around distractions, allowing you and your dog to enjoy walks to the fullest. We will help you to discover what motivates your dog so you can have that solid recall you´ve been waiting for!

Your dog should know basic commands like sit and down. In cases where a foundation is missing we recommend our Obedience Classes which incorporate basic recall training.


These sessions will be outside, so be prepared for the weather. They are one-to-one sessions!


We will cover:

  • How to motivate your dog

  • Effective play

  • Lead walking with distractions

  • Basic recall

  • Recall with distractions

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Recall Training Sessions




When?      Sessions available to suit your schedule


Where?     Cardiff and surrounding areas


To enquire, please send us an email to


Please bring treats and poop bags with you.

Cost: £150 for 2 sessions or £95 per session